Shopify Store Redesign

Redesign your Shopify Store

Looking To Give Your Shopify Store A Fresh New Look?

Are you not happy with the current design of your Shopify store? Do you feel like your competitors are better than you? Don’t worry, let our Shopify experts level up your store and set you apart from your competitors.


Shopify Redesign: Revamping Your Store for Success

With 15+ years of expertise in Shopify Web Design, we can take your website from conception to conversion and beyond, all while staying in line with your business goals.

As a reputable Shopify Partner, since our inception, we have created hundreds of Shopify web designs over the years. We are known for our flawless designs with the best coding quality. Our design work is at the forefront of UX and UI best practices for e-commerce stores when it comes to communicating your brand message visually.

Shopify store looks outdated, visitors are declining, and you are losing competition. In that case, it is time for the Shopify redesign, which, besides enhancing functionality, can also boost user experience and drive business growth. 

“Your most reliable and trusted eCommerce partner that helps you set up your Shopify store for all kinds of businesses.!”.


You will be working with your hired & selected developers of ours. We will neither do sub-contracting to other teams nor delighting to juniors.

Hire Shopify Developers

We'll make your business thrive.

Shopify offers you the opportunity to run your own eCommerce company with ease. Shopify provides the tools you need to oversee these tasks.

Our expert Shopify eCommerce developers transform Shopify into a website combining attractive features and SEO-friendly functions. We’ve created eCommerce websites for different industries across the globe. So, hire Shopify developer in Ghaziabad, Noida from SEO Ranking India and receive a comprehensive eCommerce solution.

SEO Ranking India ensures that the service we offer our customers meets their expectations and assists you in meeting your business objectives. Whatever you need to do regarding your business’s website or an internet presence, you can rest assured knowing that we will deliver solid quality at every step.

Hire dedicated shopify developer for every need

While hiring shopify developers from our company, you get robust and sales-driven eCommerce stores. With great expertise, we deliver perfect solutions to stand out in the competition.
Some of our expertises in shopify development,

Hire shopify theme developers to work on your desired custom theme development. Wie have expertise in the following,

Our Experts Services

Find the right Shopify developer for your team or project.

Custom Shopify Development

we offer custom Shopify development services to help businesses in Ghaziabad get the most out of this powerful eCommerce platform. Our team can create custom themes and plugins to tailor your store.

Shopify App development

we provide top-quality Shopify app development services to help businesses increase their online sales. Our Shopify developers in Ghaziabad have years of experience and are experts in their field.

Shopify Configuration

we provide a top-notch Shopify configuration service. We have a team in Ghaziabad with years of experience as Shopify developers to help you make the most of your online store.

Shopify Store SEO

For better performance of your Shopify store, you need to get updated SEO services that our in-house SEO team provides. You will have higher traffic as you will be provided with improved SEO for your Shopify store.

Shopify Web Application Development

Our professionals at SEO Ranking India will go above and beyond to ensure your business has the top website for either Shopify application building using Ruby on Rails or third-party Shopify app development.

Shopify Maintenance & Support

Our team of Shopify experts can help you with everything from website maintenance and support to creating custom applications. SEO Ranking India always helps you to grow your business and succeed online.

Offering cost-effective development solutions

When you work hand in hand with the shopify developers, they understand the vision of your business. Here, our developers convey your business demands in a customer-oriented way by enhancing the user-experience. So, hire shopify experts to attain constant support that leads you effortlessly to your business goals. Inorder to save your time and money, hiring is a perfect choice, performing with expert developers is a great option to strengthen the weaker areas of your business.

Hire shopify developers from SEO Ranking India, we assure dedicated development and support throughout the development and post-development.


Our Other Shopify Store Acquisition Services

Pick the Right Model to Hire Shopify Developers

Fixed Cost Model

Fixed Price Model works best if you have a well-defined project scope, timeline, and budget. With a fixed cost model, you will pay a pre- agreed amount for the entire project, regardless of the actual time and resources it takes to complete the project.

Time and Material

For projects with evolving requirements, the Time and Material model is an hourly model that offers flexibility and adaptability. Clients are billed based on actual time and resources used,

Monthly Retainer

With the Monthly Retainer model, businesses pay a fixed monthly fee for a dedicated team. It offers long-term support, cost-effectiveness, and access to reliable resources without the hassle of recruiting.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation allows businesses to quickly enhance their teams by adding skilled developers for specific projects or time periods. It offers flexibility, as you can choose the resources you need, from individual developers to full project teams.

e-Commerce Site is Outdated or Looks Amateurish

If you started an e-commerce store ten years ago, you may have just put it together yourself so that you would be able to start selling online right away. You might have meant to go back and make adjustments or have a professional Shopify web developer update it, but you never got around to it. If your store looks amateurish or outdated, that may be why it hasn’t been producing as much revenue as you thought it would.
Launching an eCommerce store may seem hard without Shopify experts, who help in providing a customized & engaging online store. Our team of experts are trained perfectly to offer the best website design and development services.

The Website Redesign Process

A Full Audit of the Existing Site

You may have some very good ideas on your current site, so we want to make sure that we keep what’s working.

A Review of Existing Content

We want to make sure that your product descriptions are accurate, informative, and optimized. Your photos should be professional and clear.

Building the Site

We will begin building a site map that works well in search engines and is easy for online shoppers to navigate.

Send You a Demo

One of the great options that Shopify, the platform we recommend, provides is demo pages. So you can see exactly what your store will look like and how it will function.

Test Your Shopify Store

We are able to test the functionality of your site before it goes live. That way you can avoid situations where your customers access your site and receive frustrating errors.

Launch Your Redesigned e-Commerce Store!

This is the exciting part. Your new Shopify store goes live and you can start receiving orders via the site.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of our most frequently asked questions. Got a question of your own? Just ask:

This depends on how involved your project is. Theme developments state at $4,00. Custom store builds are $5,00. Building on a theme is $3,00.
It’s entirely possible to redesign your own Shopify store. However, if you are unhappy with your current platform, you may want to consider having your redesign done by a professional e-commerce website redesign team.
Although Shopify themes allow a variety of modifications, customization through editing store’s code can take you to the next level. Because Shopify is “liquid”, developers can fully customize any page in the platform; add badges, images, sliders, etc.; build custom apps or elements into the store tailored for your needs; and enhance your tech and search engine optimization. The possibilities are limitless.
Yes, we offer custom shopify app development. Please contact us for more details.
Quality is our first priority, we offer robust solutions with great experience and deliver within the given deadlines. We have a passion for eCommerce store development and so, we follow agile work methodology.
The cost of a developer depends on the industry the app caters too. Further, there are several factors like complexity, customization, compliances, and industry guidelines. We offer a transparent hiring process and so, you get the value for every penny spent.
We have more than a decade of experience in delivering world-class shopify development services. Our team has delivered a variety of projects on shopify with in-depth knowledge in GraphQL queries and shopify REST API.
Yes, we offer post-deployment support for every project. We ensure continuous success by checking out the website’s functionality and possible errors. We also provide extended support on demand. Meta Title – Hire expert Shopify developers in Ghaziabad and Noida Meta Description – Hire shopify developers in Ghaziabad and Noida with the right caliber to develop your online business. Develop feature-rich apps with SEO Ranking India developers’!

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