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At SEO Ranking India, we appreciate the workings of the Indian market. With our custom-made SEO tactics, we help businesses reach their goals by increasing website traffic, improving brand visibility, and creating quality leads. 

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Affordable SEO Packages in Ghaziabad

Surpass Your Competition with The Right SEO Company

Looking for an increased rate of traffic important to more revenue for your company?

It is the age-old question, how much should you be outlay on SEO per month? Well, the most common SEO packages in Ghaziabad averages out to be around RS. 8000 to RS. 30,000 but, this is not the right price for everybody. Each business has a unique position within its industry, and each industry has its own digital hurdles that it needs to overcome. So how could we give you a quote without knowing anything about your business?

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Why Digital SEO Ranking India?

Small Business

We support our small local business owners who are looking to develop their reputation in a certain region and grow their presence in their local community. We can tailor an SEO package to give opportunity for smaller sized businesses and start-ups to rank in a competitive market.

Corporate SEO

For larger national and international companies that offer a product or service that uses a website to educate users about their range. With this package, it’s imperative to direct traffic to leave trackable, digital footsteps such as a form submission, click through or bookmarked page.

Ecommerce SEO

With a business that has majority of it’s revenue coming through the digital portal, it’s vital to be searchable and locatable in as many places as possible. As such, we tailor our strategies to optimise for maximum conversions for the category or product range they are trying to promote.

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SEO Package Prices


SEO Package Prices Ghaziabad

SEO is further than just reaching better rankings than your competitors, it is about making quality leads and conversions. The amount of work and the kind of policies that we will custom tailor for your business requirements to certify a solid ROI for your business.


Our elastic and carefully measured SEO packages are designed and proven to get results that can boost your revenue. We have driven with nearly every industry and know that every business is unique with each having their point of difference.


After chatting to you about your current position, previous SEO experiences, digital presences, and a multitude of other factions, we will be able to give you a specific SEO plan that helps you reach your goals by working smarter, not harder.


As we have declared, there is no universal blueprint for SEO, it needs to be custom-made for every business. However, we understand that sometimes you just need to get a rough idea of price so that you can budget accordingly. If this is the case, we strongly recommend contacting us and having an initial, no obligation chat with us so that we can accurately quote you, but we have also included rough numbers to help guide your decisions.


To cater for all business including small businesses and start-ups – our packages start from RS.8000.

Local SEO Services India

What SEO Services Do You Need?

Our experts have over two eras of shared experience carrying best SEO services to India-based company. Our exclusive process has been authorized over hundreds of websites to produce more organic traffic to your business.

Establish Goals

From where you are now, to where you want to be. We set ambitious, attainable goals for traffic, growth and ROI.

Partner with Experts

We don’t outsource anything. We’re a small, but-powerful team that will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Get Results

Our success is your success. We measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign based on traffic, leads, sales & growth.

Startup Package

Best SEO packages in Ghaziabad for start-up business websites that have less number of products/services and/or pages.

₹ 8000   Per Month

10 Keywords

Minimum 6 Month Contract

Business Package

Best SEO packages in Ghaziabad, NCR for growing business websites to outrank their competitor’s websites in search results. ₹ 15000 Per Month 20 Keywords Minimum 6 Month Contract

Enterprise Package

Best SEO packages in Delhi, India for large enterprise websites that want to dominate the search engine results. ₹ 30000 Per Month 40 Keywords Minimum 6 Month Contract
Local SEO Services India

Our Approach to SEO in India

SEO Ranking India is present SEO Services in India. We have Specialist experts who are well-organized to offering you with the best caring of amenities for SEO resolve of your website or web pages. Also, as want of everybody is diverse that is why we have separated our SEO services in Indiain numerous sections and are providing services on origin of each section.

Website Audit

Every SEO campaign starts with an in-depth review of your website. From there, we can develop solutions to your search engine visibility.

Keyword Research

The key to every successful SEO campaign – keyword research. We choose keywords that deliver real results and leads.

Content Creation

Content quality accounts for roughly 50% of how your website ranks on Google. We create content that users love and Google adores.

On-Site Optimisation

On-site optimisations that make it easy for Google to crawl your website. We focus on the user experience and user journey for on-site improvements.

Link Building

Link building accounts for a significant portion of your search engine visibility. We focus on clean, white hat link building strategies for your business.

Ongoing Reporting

How did we do? We won’t know without reporting! Our SEO reports are tailored towards your unique set of key performance indicators

Full Transparency, Detailed Reports & Service with a Smile

Enjoy easy to follow Monthly Reports outlining the performance and strategies implemented for the month:

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

Competitor Analysis

We analyse and compare all of your competitors currently ranking at the top of the search engine results for your chosen keywords – then we reverse engineer a detailed, extensive strategy to beat them.

Strategy / Implementation

Every website is different, which is why every SEO strategy should be different too. Rather than using cookie-cutter solutions, we optimise each website around their business model to maximise leads and revenue.

Monthly Contracts

We are confident in our work, so we don’t hide behind yearly contracts. We work month by month, which pressures us to consistently provide amazing results. If you aren’t happy with our results, feel free to leave at any time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Stay in the loop with a detailed report of all keyword ranking improvements and work completed every month. We keep you informed on your monthly traffic, Google My Business visits and website conversions. See the results first hand.

Why Choose Best SEO Company In India?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a given website’s ability to be read and indexed by Search Engines like Google & Bing. We are also #1 SEO Reseller in Ghaziabad. Local businesses must be involved in their local communities. However, many of them do not know how to get their message out. That’s why an experienced local SEO Expert like Mr. Vipin Kumar is a must.


No Lock-in Contracts.

Our results speak for themselves and that's why we don't lock you into restrictive contracts.

Complete Transparency.

Detailed monthly reporting so you can see all the work we’ve been doing on your SEO & PPC campaign.

Customised Solutions.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our PPC & SEO service is unique to your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of our most frequently asked questions. Got a question of your own? Just ask:

Yes, we do provide SEO reports every month and not just at the beginning of our partnership as we like to see our cooperation but throughout the whole period of our business partnership. Our SEO Reports are detailed and fully transparent presenting to you all the SEO work we proposed in our initial Quote from the beginning and providing full proof of work implemented. With links to all the SEO strategies implemented. The reason for the detail in our reports it to provide you with a way to measure the amount of SEO work performed so you know where your money is going and the results.
No, we do not have any lock-in contracts we work on a month to month basis with a 30-day notice. We are confident we can achieve your trust with our work ethics and results early in our business relationship in order to give our SEO Plan enough time to give back to your business what it deserves.
You have to understand that nobody knows 100% how Google ranks websites or how their algorithm works, but there are good practices and Google Guidelines you can follow to try to get there and also some risky methods that can later affect negatively your rankings and possible manual google penalties which can keep you away from the top of search engines for a long time.
Adwords prices are only going up, as ad CTR in search engines is dropping and people use more and more Ad Blockers. It’s good to find a balance between the both. Although SEO might be better on the long term, PPC/Google Adwords is useful early on. You can also keep doing PPC even when you’re ranking high in organic results. It’s always good to many times for the same search term. Google Ads only get about 2-3% CTR while the rest goes to organic searches. That’s why the average cost per ad will be only going up in time.
Our SEO Packages / Plans can change after your approval of course. SEO / search engine optimisation or even search engine exposure for search terms which relate to your business products or services takes some time to achieve results. Unlike Google AdWords/PPC where you show up the top with ads in a few days. If we see that content marketing is giving better results than Press Releases or Citations, we then focus on the SEO strategies that perform best for your business.