Quality Link Building

Quality Link Building

The success of any business depends greatly upon its website placement in search engines. Higher your website is placed in search engines greater the amount of traffic you will generate to your website. Therefore, it is of immense importance for webmaster to optimize their site for higher rankings in search engines.

The most important aspect in getting higher placements in search engines is Link Building. Building high quality links that looks natural to search engines helps to rank your websites on the top pages of search engines and that’s what we deliver to our clients through Links-Builder.com.

The basic question that comes to our mind when we talk about link building is:

Why backlinks are so important for the success of any business?
Links help your website get indexed by search engines so they begin ranking your pages on the targeted keywords. Higher the ranking you have on search engines more the traffic you can drive to your website.

Secondly, links are used by search engines to determine how relevant your webpage is to search terms. By building links from relevant websites, you ensure that your web page gets indexed and ranked by search engines accordingly.

Do page rank guarantees top positions in search results?
It’s not true that all you need is hundreds of links pointing towards your website which will place you higher in search engines. Google considers various factors while ranking your website. It can be possible that a page with PR1 can be placed higher in search engine than a page with PR2 or PR3. The page ranks only not decide on how to place your website on search engine.

Number of links and their quality from the sources they are coming

Anchor text of the links

Historical factors

What page rank should you aim at?
We will suggest, ‘higher the better’. The page rank normally start from 0,1,2 and if your website is getting such page rank, we will suggest you to run a link building campaign for your website to increase your page ranks and drive targeted traffic.

Natural and Artificial links?
The most important aspect in search engine optimization is to build natural high quality links for your website and that’s what we do at Links-Builder.com. Through this way, you can improve your page rankings for longer period. More the number of incoming links greater is the search engine popularity. Search engines like natural links and dislike artificial link structures.

The basic difference between natural and artificial link is:

Natural Links Artificial links
Anchor text varies -Anchor text remains same
Gradual increase in number -Sudden increase in number
Tend not to be reciprocal -Many are reciprocal
One of the simplest ways to build natural links is to submit your website to thousand of free directories. This is a gradual process but helps a lot in ranking your site on the top of Google.

At Links-Builder, we build quality links for your website based on Google’s new search index “Google Caffeine” which are natural and help to increase your page rank and rank your website higher in search engine.

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