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Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.

Do you want to reach your prospects at the right place and the right time, Our marketing expert offering a customized LinkedIn marketing strategy, sales leads and web traffic.

Linkedin Marketing

“Increase your networking and business and deliver real-time profits through social media campaigns.”

LinkedIn is a unique social network for its focus on business, business professionals, and business connections. LinkedIn is known as a networking and recruitment site but there is a huge misunderstanding of what LinkedIn is and how it works. It is not just a great platform for seeking job opportunities but is also an essential tool for sales, marketing, and human resources. Creating discussions around your industry-related content is a best practice. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to build your presence, establish relationships, and reach the biggest professional who matter most to your business.


Strategies on which Indian Digital Marketing Focuses: 

Make the Most of Your Linked in Profile:  Your profile works as your first impression, and the first impression is the last impression, so make the most of your profile by including relevant URLs in your profile, using the blog or website links with anchor text, Use keywords in descriptions, use the image in your profile. LinkedIn is a social networking channel so you can customize it, to maximize engagement and position yourself as a big brand.

Build strong Network before starting a Group: Create an account and build a network of contacts. Reach out to already existing customers with whom you have strong relations – those who truly know your company and your products or services offered. Ask them to write recommendations for your company, which will appear in your profile. Take all company employees also as part of the network. Once your personal account is set up, create a group for the brand. By creating a group for your brand, you can maximize your reach even beyond your network. Within the brand group, you can start discussions, share news, blogs, post jobs, etc.

Update Regularly to Engage Maximum:  The more would be the activity and interaction; the better would be the results. To consistently engage with your network Sync blog posts to your profile, update your profile with the LinkedIn status feature, Leverage the LinkedIn Question and Answer function – participate in others’ questions or discussions and throw your own.

Promote Your Profile: Expand your network by including a link to your profile on your website and blog, in email signatures, on business cards, etc. We try to optimize your profile for important and relevant keywords so that search engines can rank that content accordingly.

Track your activities: Look for your business goals before deciding upon any LinkedIn marketing strategy. Are you trying to achieve?

  • Greater brand visibility (impressions) with your target markets.
  • Engage with existing and potential customers (likes, comments or shares).
  • Increase external website traffic (clicks).
  • Convert Potential leads.

LinkedIn provides insights and statistics for company pages, groups and paid advertising, tracking your efforts through your own website analytics program is essential. The traffic referred to your site from LinkedIn, new leads generated and new clients or customers are the ultimate measure of success of all activities.


Benefits of Linked In Marketing for your Business :

  • Free of Cost: LinkedIn is a free of cost platform to market your product or service. You just need to sign up and get started. There are groups which you could join for free and share your knowledge on your product or service thus promoting your business.
  • Strong Networking: LinkedIn is a social channel which helps you connect with like minded professionals, and groups helps you to take these connections a step further. By participating in group discussions you get an opportunity to create awareness about your business and thereby increase the reach of your product or service.
  • Lead Generation: LinkedIn has proved to be of great help in lead generation. You can link your post for your product or service that you share on LinkedIn to your website and direct the users to your website hence increasing the leads.
  • Increase Credibility: LinkedIn helps you to increase the credibility of your business through the recommendations from past or current clients which in turn attracts new customers on one hand and strengthens the loyalty of the current customers on the other. LinkedIn offers a plethora of opportunities like, increase referrals, attract new business and quality employees and market your business.
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