Importance of content writing in digital marketing

Content writing similar to some other form of writing requires in strength knowledge and great skill. The success of any content depends largely on the quality and authenticity of the content of a website. Content writing does not way a specific format, yet is definitely guided by some essential values. It’s important to memorize that no matter what your subject matter is, your content has the probable to achieve a large audience and help your company beyond the SEO benefits. Website content, articles and blog posts are ways to connect your company to applicable, interesting information about your industry.

It is often seen that it takes a long time to write a good content because we don’t stop to decide what it is we want to say. Does the article accomplish its goal? Before we start writing one thing needs to be made clear, the goal of the content , this helps set the tone and filter everything. Here we would discuss about how a content should be written for SEO or a content that Google will love.

One most important thing about content writing is that it should be put across in the same way as putting it verbally .It has been noticed that one understands easily when explained verbally rather than explaining in any other form, so it is always advised that the content should be like what you speak but it must be seasoned with simplicity of language and the flow should be maintained. It has been seen that we tend to use keywords very often when we speak .This is helpful for SEO too as google loves such a content and this in turn enhances SEO activity. While you are writing content trying being natural and write about the subject as you would normally do as this will help you use similar words and related phrases. As mentioned earlier, we very frequently use the keywords when we speak so forget to have certain number of keywords in your content , instead just go ahead and write in a simple but relevant way making sure you do not miss any detail that you want the readers to read. Interesting and informative content with a good flow is very likely to attract links and social interaction while keyword stuff content does not , also keyword stuff content is not suggested by google.

Search Engine Optimization is done both On-page and Off-page , and content writing is related to the on-page optimization. On-page SEO refers to the text and content on your website.  As mentioned above a keyword stuffed content is not liked by the search engine or the readers, still on-page optimization is important. You can do on-page optimization by using header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) or can even include relevant outbound links. But one thing needs to be kept in mind that overdoing this might get you penalized by the search engine anal the efforts put in would go in vain.

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“CONTENT IS THE KING”, trust this in mind the content should be written such that it is instructive and applicable with no over filling of the keyword, no links purchasing or use of computerized tools and entryway pages, this is the kind of content which is liked by google.

These are the two most important things that come under Google webmaster guidelines when it comes to optimizing content for search engine. Readers as well as search engine like good quality, relevant and informative content, no one ever goes for keyword stuffed content. Along with good content if you go for a proper on-page optimization your website would surely go higher on the rank.

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