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Facebook Marketing

help you to efficiently reach all of the people who matter most.

Facebook marketing is a platform that offers a variety of highly targeted paid advertisements and organic posts, allowing brands to put their products and services

Facebook Marketing

“Increase your networking and business and deliver real-time profits through social media campaigns.”

The social network giant, Facebook started with a motive to create a social network for college students, but ever since its inception it has widened its portfolio to not just connecting every individual over the globe but also promoting and increasing your business through it. Facebook is no more just a fun social space. It presents a huge platform for brands to interact with their customers. Indian Digital Marketing has tight integrations with Facebook to take the power of remarketing to Facebook’s custom audience. Facebook can help you reach your target audience who are an asset to your business. It is very essential to have a clear goal and a strategy to achieve it. We here at IDM will help you market your business on Facebook not as an outsider who tries to sell aggressively, but as a part of the community with our unmatched services and innovative ideas.


Strategies on which Indian Digital Marketing Focuses: 

Indian Digital Marketing keeps following things in mind while doing Facebook Marketing for its clients:

Know your Target Audience: First thing to know…. What is your right target audience? Segment your targeting on the basis of location, demographics, gender, age, etc. Face book marketing, gives you the opportunity to reach exactly the part of the population you wish, which makes advertising much more effective.

Let everyone know that you are on Facebook: Use Facebook icon everywhere on signature in emails, putting social media icons on the website, use Facebook plugins on-site, for blogs or websites with sidebars, you may use Facebook Like Box or Like Button. This helps to leverage the existing traffic of your site, improves brand awareness, and increase followers on Facebook.

Create and Schedule Status Updates:  Create your status updates using images or videos; posts with photos receive 120% more engagement than average posts.  Question posts get more comments. Schedule Your Updates as per your convenience with facebook built-in feature to appear on your page later.

Engage with your Facebook Community: Engaging and talking with your community on Facebook could build a strong relationship with customers and creates Brand trust & loyalty among masses. They can turn out to be your repeat customers or potential leads. It could also be one of your customer support hubs.

Engage with other Facebook Pages:  We try to engage on those Facebook pages where our client’s customers hang out. Our comment will serve as a link toward your page that can lead to an additional like or following.

Optimize Your Ads by telling the Right Story.

Create or join Facebook Groups.

Manage Your Advertisement Budget Wisely.


Benefits of Facebook Marketing for your Business :

  • Low-Cost Marketing: Marketing is very important for every business. Facebook marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing your business to a highly targeted audience. It is not just free but also provides access to a million audiences that can be converted to potential leads.
  • Share business information: The Facebook page is the place to share your business details like name, address, contact details, and a brief description of your product or service. You can, not just post texts on your page but can even share pictures and videos of your product and services.
  • Platform to communicate with customers: You can directly communicate with your existing as well as potential customers through Facebook. It can also be used for customer support. This kind of interaction gives a personal touch to the relation that you have with your customer which would further strengthen and build loyalty.
  • Increased exposure: Facebook is the most popular social media platform. It has a huge volume of users which would give you an opportunity to increase the exposure of your business locally, nationally and internationally. Facebook also gathers a huge amount of demographic information from its users giving you an opportunity to market in the desired demographic as per your product or service.
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