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What is link building?

Link Building is a technique in which a webmaster creates an inbound traffic to his website by posting a link on another site. These links may be posted in Article directories, news portals, search engines, link directories etc., and are generally one way links. You can also buy one way links and various sites are providing this function of Link Building. Another way of link building is exchange links in which two website owners agree to place links on each others’ sites. This is also called reciprocal link building.

Website promotion is very important for any business and link building is one of the main pillars of search engine optimization. Link Building improves the website rankings on search engines and also the page rank. More the numbers of links directed to your website, more is the value of your website considered by search engines. For a popular keyword if your site ranks on the top of search engine then it can produce million of hits.

Link Building not only benefits in higher search engine ranking but also in brand awareness. If you have placed your links on trusted sources then people will visit your site following that link. This will increase the brand awareness of your website.

If you are obtaining huge amount of quality links to your site then it will be listed on search engines more quickly. Most important part of the placed link is the text used in it. It must define all the relevant keywords so that search engines can relate your website to the subject matter. This is the reason text links are more valuable than linked images.

With an effective link building you increase your chances and eligibility to get sponsored ads, blog listings and directory inclusions. Because link building helps you in increasing your page rank and high page rank websites are more valuable than others.

Link building strategy should have balance in terms of acquiring links. You can get links via blog postings, directory submissions, article submissions, exchange of links, buying inbound links etc.

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